Summer 2018 Internship Opportunities

San Francisco's Earthquake Safety Implementation Program

Internships with San Francisco's Earthquake Safety Implementation Program are available for Summer 2018. The City and County of San Francisco's Community Action Plan for Seismic Safety study, completed in 2010, provided an analysis of anticipated impacts that likely scenario earthquakes might have on the City, including physical, social, cultural, economic and other factors. That study led to specific recommended actions to reduce those impacts. San Francisco leaders are committed to implementing those recommendations. Our program supports that implementation.

Persons who wish to be part of this internship program should be graduate students or recent graduates in the field of public policy, engineering, urban geography, communications, or another field that would link to a desired seismic hazard mitigation outcome. At this time, all internships are unpaid.

This program will be conducted from June 4, 2018 through August 17, 2018. Interns will work at least 30 hours per week out of the EPICENTER in downtown San Francisco.

Working with Office of Resilience & Capital Planning staff and professional colleagues, each intern is expected to define and accomplish one or more specific project tasks, as well as to participate in general program activities, including seminars, special activities, and field trips.

Interested persons should submit a resume and a one page statement of interest, providing general information about their areas of interest in a field related to seismic hazard mitigation. Please email information to the address below.

Listed below are some possible Summer 2018 Internship projects; we are open to other projects that advance San Francisco's seismic hazard mitigation goals.

Feel free to contact Laurence Kornfield with questions.



Laurence Kornfield
City and County of San Francisco
Earthquake Safety Implementation Program
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San Francisco Office of Resilience & Capital Planning
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  • Data analysis and policy recommendations based on San Francisco's ongoing private schools seismic evaluation project. 
  • Assist in development of materials for upcoming "Earthquake Retrofit Initiative" for one- and two-family homes.
  • Research and prepare demonstrations of unusual technologies that may have application to seismic improvement in existing buildings, such as high shear-strength glass in storefronts, window film to limit damage of glazing, use of garage doors as lateral force-resisting elements, etc.
    Develop a program to encourage use of San Francisco's existing transfer tax incentive, allowing a portion of taxes at time of property sale to be used for seismic improvements.
  • Research state-of-the-art strong-motion instrumentation that can be used in San Francisco buildings.
  • Data collection and analysis related to earthquake impacts on assisted living facilities and similar special purpose facilities.
  • Data collection and analysis related to earthquake impacts on large assembly facilities (300+ person occupancy).
  • Support work underway regarding non-ductile concrete buildings.

*These are a few of many projects that could be undertaken during this Summer 2018 internship program.