About ATC

The Applied Technology Council (ATC) is a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation established in 1973 through the efforts of the Structural Engineers Association of California. ATC is guided by a Board of Directors consisting of representatives appointed by the American Society of Civil Engineers, the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations, the Structural Engineers Association of California, the Structural Engineers Association of New York, and At-Large representatives concerned with the practice of structural engineering. Each director serves a three-year term.

Project management and administration are carried out by a full-time Executive Director and support staff. Project work is conducted by a wide range of highly qualified consulting professionals, thus incorporating the experience of many individuals from academia, research, and professional practice who would not be available from any single organization. Funding for ATC projects is obtained from government agencies and from the private sector in the form of tax-deductible contributions.

The corporate headquarters for ATC is located in Redwood City, California, with a satellite office in Arlington, Virginia.


ATC's mission is to imagine, develop, and promote the advancement of technologies to enhance societal resistance to natural and other hazards. 


ATC envisions a society prepared to face natural and other hazards, informed by engineering solutions.


As structural engineers, we frame our contributions to society through our professionalism and ethics in the duties we perform. In our practice, we serve society and are active participants in the fabric of the communities in which we live. As structural engineers, we cannot limit ourselves to solving only problems of science and engineering. Ignoring the social, economic, and political contexts surrounding our engineering work is a path to irrelevancy. Our active participation includes a moral obligation to right the social and ethical wrongs we observe.

Therefore, as part of our active strategic planning process, we will critically examine the ethical values, equity, and diversity present in our internal processes and practices related to our staff, clients, and consultants.  Please read our full statement here.

Because we cannot effectively act alone, we also resolve to stand firmly alongside other engineering organizations to speak with one voice in our support of these tenets, recognizing that together we can make the case for change and more quickly achieve the betterment of our communities and society.

Please join us in a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We have compiled an incomplete list of Community Resources, and we encourage you to contribute additional information. If you have interest in joining the ATC team as a consultant, please tell us about yourself!