Active Projects

ATC Project No. Project Title Funding Agency
ATC-66 Series National Earthquake Technical Assistance Program (NETAP) Federal Emergency Management Agency
(CEA 2)
Development of a Prestandard for the Evaluation and Retrofit of One and Two Family Light Frame Residential Buildings California Earthquake Authority, Federal Emergency Management Agency
(CEA 5/CEA 6)
Delivery of FEMA P-50/P-50-1 Training for the California Earthquake Authority California Earthquake Authority
ATC-116 Series Solutions to the Issues of Short-Period Building Seismic Performance Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-123 Series Improving Seismic Design of New Buildings Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-128-1 AISC-ATC Workshop on Performance-Based Structural-Fire Engineering American Institute of Steel Construction; ATC Endowment Fund
ATC-134 Performance-Based Seismic Engineering: Benchmarking of Existing Building Evaluation Methodologies National Institute of Standards and Technology
ATC-136 Technical Monitoring of New and Existing Seismic Building Codes and Related Training Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-137 Series Technical Training and Product Development Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-138 Support of Performance-Based Seismic Design of Buildings Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-139 Investigation of Project 17 Duration Effects ATC Endowment Fund
ATC-140-1 Update of Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings Guidance Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-141 Reconnaissance Following the September 19, 2017 Puebla Earthquake in Mexico City ATC Endowment Fund
ATC-142 Seismic Performance-Based Assessment of School Infrastructure in the Kyrgyz Republic World Bank
ATC-143 Update of General Guidelines for the Assessment and Repair of Earthquake Damage in Residential Woodframe Buildings and Development of Additional Engineering Guidelines California Earthquake Authority
ATC-144 Soil Structure Interaction Design Guide Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-145 Guide for Repair of Earthquake Damaged Buildings to Achieve Future Resilience Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-146 Steel Buildings in the Central and Eastern United States Designed for Controlling Wind Loads to Evaluate their Seismic Performance National Institute of Standards and Technology
ATC-147 Computational Models for Large Outdoor Fires Roadmap Workshop National Institute of Standards and Technology
ATC-148 Coastal Inundation Events in Developed Regions University of Notre Dame; National Institute of Standards and Technology

ATC-DGs Development of ATC Design Guides ATC Endowment Fund