Active Projects

ATC Project No. Project Title Funding Agency
ATC-66 Series National Earthquake Technical Assistance Program (NETAP) Federal Emergency Management Agency
(CEA 2)
Development of a Prestandard for the Evaluation and Retrofit of One- and Two-Family Light Frame Residential Buildings California Earthquake Authority, Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-128-1 AISC-ATC Workshop on Performance-Based Structural-Fire Engineering American Institute of Steel Construction; ATC Endowment Fund
ATC-134 Series Performance-Based Seismic Engineering: Benchmarking of Existing Building Evaluation Methodologies National Institute of Standards and Technology
ATC-136 Series Technical Monitoring of New and Existing Seismic Building Codes and Related Training Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-137 Series Technical Training and Product Development Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-138 Series Support of Performance-Based Seismic Design of Buildings Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-140 Series Update of Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings Guidance Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-145 Series Guide for Repair of Earthquake Damaged Buildings to Achieve Future Resilience Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-149 Coastal Inundation Events in Developed Regions University of Notre Dame; National Institute of Standards and Technology

ATC-150 Improving the Nation’s Lifelines Infrastructure to Achieve Seismic Resilience Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-151 Seismic Safety Consulting Services for City of San Francisco City and County of San Francisco

ATC-152 Developing a Framework for Design of Lifeline Infrastructure Systems for Functional National Institute of Standards and Technology
ATC-153 Research Plan for the Study of Pre-Northridge Earthquake Weak Panel Zones in Welded Column Splices with PJP Groove Welds National Institute of Standards and Technology
ATC-154 Improving Seismic Design of New Buildings Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-155 Development of an Updated Plan to Coordinate NEHRP Post-Earthquake Investigations, Phase II U.S. Geological Survey usgs
ATC-156 Workshop for Seismic Practice Needs for Buildings and Lifeline Infrastructure Located in the Central and Eastern United States National Institute of Standards and Technology
ATC-157 Engineering Services in Support of Utah Division of Emergency Management to Address URM Risk in Public Schools Utah Department of Emergency Management (DEM) Utah DEM logo
STARR II JV Strategic Alliance for Risk Reduction (STARR) II Joint Venture, Production and Technical Services (PTS) for Architect and Engineering Services Nationwide Contract Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-SME Support for FEMA Earthquake Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) – Seismic Technical Guidance Development and Support Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-DGs Development of ATC Design Guides ATC Endowment Fund
ATC Hazards by Location ATC Hazards by Location Website for Geographic-Based Design Parameters ATC Endowment Fund