Active Projects

ATC Project No. Project Title Funding Agency
ATC-15-16 17th U.S.-Japan-New Zealand Workshop on the Improvement of Structural Engineering and Resiliency Applied Technology Council, Japan Structural Consultants Association, New Zealand Centre of Research Excellence (QuakeCoRE), and New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering
ATC-58 Series Development of Next Generation Performance-Based Seismic Design Procedures for New and Existing Buildings Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-66 Series National Earthquake Technical Assistance Program (NETAP) Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-78 Series Identification and Mitigation of Nonductile Concrete Buildings Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-106-1 Seismic Behavior and Design of Deep, Slender Wide-Flange Structural Steel Beam-Column Members: Phase 2 Experimental Evaluation National Institute of Standards and Technology
ATC-110 Management Support for Development of a Pre-Standard for Seismic Retrofit of One- and Two-Family Light Frame Dwellings California Earthquake Authority, Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-116 Series Solutions to the Issues of Short-Period Building Seismic Performance Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-119 Seismic Safety and Engineering Consulting Services for the Earthquake Safety Implementation Program (ESIP) City and County of San Francisco
ATC-120 Series Seismic Analysis and Design of Nonstructural Components and Systems National Institute of Standards and Technology
ATC-123 Series Improving Seismic Design of Buildings with Configuration Irregularities Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-124 Series Update of Seismic Retrofitting Guidance Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-132 Practical Guidelines and Training for Ensuring Seismic Safety of Schools in the Republic of Armenia (Report available in English and Armenian) World Bank, Global Program for Safer Schools
ATC-134 Performance-Based Seismic Engineering: Benchmarking of Existing Building Evaluation Methodologies National Institute of Standards and Technology
ATC-135 Improving the Alternate Rigid-Wall Flexible-Diaphragm Building Design Procedure Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-136 Technical Monitoring of New and Existing Seismic Building Codes and Related Training Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-137 Series Technical Training and Product Development Federal Emergency Management Agency
ATC-143 Update of General Guidelines for the Assessment and Repair of Earthquake Damage in Residential Woodframe Buildings and Development of Additional Engineering Guidelines California Earthquake Authority