Project Title: Performance-Based Seismic Engineering: Benchmarking of Existing Building Evaluation Methodologies

Client: National Institute of Standards and Technology

Project Duration: 

Purpose: The primary objective of this report is to benchmark evaluation methodologies for existing reinforced concrete buildings and present recommendations for improvement of the seismic evaluation procedures of ASCE/SEI 41-17, Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings.  For this purpose, calculated results from implementing evaluation procedures described in applicable methodologies are compared to data available for eight reinforced concrete structures subjected to ground motion shaking.  

This project produced the following report:

Project Team:

Project Techncial Committee
Russell Berkowitz (Project Director)
Wassim Ghannoum
Insung Kim
Dawn Lehman
Abbie Liel
Laura Lowes
Adolfo Matamoros
Farzad Naeim
Rob Smith
John Wallace

Project Review Panel
Brian Kehoe
Santiago Pujol
Peter Somers
Daniel Zepeda

Working Group Members
Saman A. Abdullah
Tarbin Basnet
Travis Chrupalo
Alex Chu
Dustin Cook
Ariel Creagh
John A. Egan
Hamid Khodadadi
Kristijan Kolozvari
Ali Roufegarinejad
Andrew Sen

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Siamak Sattar, Dustin Cook, Steven L. McCabe

Applied Technology Council
Jon A. Heintz
Ayse Hortacsu