Project Title: Improving Seismic Design of New Buildings

Client: Federal Emergency Management Agency

Purpose: To support two ongoing efforts under two Contract Line Items (CLINS), as follows: (1) CLIN 1, Improving Seismic Design of New Buildings with Configuration Irregularities; and (2) CLIN 2, Improving the Alternate Rigid-Wall Flexible-Diaphragm Building Design Procedure. The work under CLIN 1 is a continuation of ATC-123-2 and covers Phase 4 of the ATC-123 project series. The purpose of CLIN 1 is to help complete the problem-focused study for evaluation and improvement of code and standard requirements for seismic design of buildings with configuration irregularities. The work under CLIN 2 is a continuation of ATC-135 and covers Phase 2 of that work. The purpose of CLIN 2 is to improve and update the alternate design procedure for Rigid Wall and Flexible Diaphragm (RWFD) buildings.