ATC-137 Series

Project Title: Technical Training and Product Development

Client: Federal Emergency Management Agency

Purpose: To develop and maintain educational courses, related training materials, technical and non-technical guidance materials for earthquake mitigation, and conduct those training courses/webinars on behalf of FEMA. This project also supports the update of FEMA technical design guidance products, as needed, with a focus on course development, special projects, and national webinars. The project also has funding to deliver NETAP (ATC-66-10) trainings requested by states that exceed the ATC-66-10 budget, and the project will support the planning and delivery of a summit in Salt Lake City focused on unreinforced masonry.

This project has produced the following reports:

FEMA P-530Earthquake Safety at Home

FEMA P-1024/RA2, South Napa Earthquake Recovery Advisory: Earthquake Strengthening of Cripple Walls in Wood-Frame Dwellings, Second Edition

FEMA P-1092, Guidelines for Performance-Based Seismic Design of Tall Buildings, Pacific Earthquake Engineering Center Tall Buildings Initiative, Version 2.01

FEMA P-2055Post-disaster Building Safety Evaluation Guidance –Report on the Current State of Practice, including Recommendations Related to Structural and Nonstructural Safety and Habitability

FEMA P-2090/ NIST SP-1254 Special ReportRecommended Options for Improving the Built Environment for Post-Earthquake Reoccupancy and Functional Recovery Time

ATC-137-2Proceedings: FEMA-Sponsored Summit on Unreinforced Masonry Buildings in Utah