Project Title: Seismic Performance-Based Assessment of School Infrastructure in the Kyrgyz Republic

Client: World Bank

Purpose: To provide technical support in the prioritization process and definition of intervention strategy to reduce the seismic vulnerability of school infrastructure in the Kyrgyz Republic. The intervention strategy will be supported by results of targeted field inspections, and analytical work on seismic performance of school infrastructure in the Kyrgyz Republic. Specifically, this project will: (1) identify and characterize common structural typologies of school infrastructure in the country; (2) identify optimal strategies to improve the seismic performance of the common structural typologies; and (3) inform prioritization of schools to be intervened under the World Bank’s “Enhancing Resilience in Kyrgyzstan (ERIK)” project.

This project produced the ATC-142 report, Safety Prioritization of School Buildings for Seismic Retrofit using Performance-Based Risk Assessment in the Kyrgyz Republic