Technical Program

ATC at 50:
Celebrating the Past, Engaging the Present, and Envisioning the Future 

Hyatt Regency San Francisco, Embarcadero Center
December 8, 2023
8:30 am – 5:00 pm (PST)

Opening Ceremonies, James Malley (Master of Ceremonies)
   Jon Heintz – Applied Technology Council 50-Year Retrospective

Morning Session 1 – Celebrating the Historic Past, Chris Rojahn (Moderator)
   James Harris – ATC-3-06 and Lasting Impacts on Design
   Chris Poland – ATC-14/ATC-33 and Evaluation of Existing Buildings
   Bret Lizundia – ATC-20/ATC-45 and Post-Event Safety and Recovery

Morning Session 2 – Celebrating the Recent Past, Mike Mahoney (Moderator)
   James Malley – ATC-41 (SAC) and Transformation of Steel Design
   Ron Hamburger – ATC-58 and Next-Generation of Performance-Based Design
   Charles Kircher – ATC-63 and Impacts of Collapse Performance

Afternoon Session 1 – Engaging the Present, Steve McCabe (Moderator)
   Ayse Hortacsu/Greg Deierlein – ATC-52/ATC-119 and Risk Mitigation Planning
   Maryann Phipps – ATC-69/ATC-120 and Better Nonstructural Design
   William Holmes – ATC-78 and Non-Ductile Concrete Mitigation
   Jonathan Stewart – ATC-83 and Soil-Structure Interaction Explained
   Kelly Cobeen/Janiele Maffei – ATC-110 and Solutions to Residential Deficiencies

Afternoon Session 2 – Envisioning the Future, Ron Mayes (Moderator)
   Ryan Kersting – Functional Recovery and Implementation of Resilience Concepts
   Lyle Carden – Current Actions for a Future Climate
   Maria Garlock – Future Visions for Climate Resilience
   David Prevatt – Providing Structural Engineering Needs for Residential and Minority Communities